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There are a few items left to sell


STOCK  March 22, 2018 - Selling Motors at Cost in Box While They Last


EMAIL if interested:

Model Year Model Description  Cash Price*
2013 MFS8A3L Long, F/N/R, Long, External Tank, Tiller;  5 Yr Warranty                                      $ 1,447
2016 MFS9.8A3L Long, F/N/R;  External Tank;  5 yr Warranty                                      $ 1,597

*Cash Price is for motor sold in box and paid by cash or check and does not include Indiana sales tax. 

Motors & Trailer

Please Send an Email to


We will get back to you with location where item can be seen


Used & Pre-Owned Item      


Motors HP Shaft
Suzuki DT4 4hp Long 2 Stroke $550
Yamaha 4LK 4hp Long 2 Stroke $600
Trailers Type Title
Small Boat Yes for 15 to 22 ft Boat $500




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