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Sailboats, Inc. closed on June 25, 2016 until further notice


Equipment & Tooling for Sale
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Customer List, Logo, Website and Business Name "Sailboats, Inc."

Available Separately

If you have a store front, shop, or land and looking to add to your revenue stream - This could be for you!
Central Indiana has a strong sailing community and needs this type of service locally


We would like to Thank our loyal Customers for your support for the past ten years.

Charlie and Eileen's last day of operation after 10 years at the shop was June 25, 2016.
We are semi-retired now with the knowledge and memories of our time at the helm of Sailboats, Inc.



We're on to other points of interest on "TARDIS" our restored 1979 Tartan 37.


"Tardis" Taking Flight on Friday, June 24th, 2016



Road Trip - Florida Bound



At Dock Mar-Marina, Tarpon Springs - October 2016




Road Trip to Indy - "Lonesome Dove", a Hurricane Katrina Survivor arrived September 6, 2006
Someday the whole story may get told but for now here is a few before and after photos



At Anchor Somewhere in Florida - March 2017


We are living our dream and a big reason we owned the shop, to learn, as we now put that to use
If this is of interest, our Blog, contains 'the story' and will have updates as we continue our play

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